Locomotive O&K MC 14N DEUTZ 716

When the customer calls, we act. So even when the project does not involve a vessel somewhere around the world, yet the engine does match with what we can fix, we will!

So this gorgeous locomotive O&K MC 14 N from 1963 in Rotterdam Europoort was having fuel system issues in its #DEUTZ716 engine and with that, we know our way.

We are there when our clients need us, even if it does not seem right at first glance.






Overhaul fuel pumps Deutz SBV6M628

Recently we were requested to service 4 fuel pumps for 2 DEUTZ S/BV6M 628 main engines from an offshore drill ship. These “senior” fuel pumps from 1981 (first series -EVA1) were taken from board and fully overhauled in our workshop. After installation and alignment on the engine, the engines were succesfully put back into service.

Valve cages

Another batch of Deutz MWM 645 valve cages ready for dispatch around the world.

At Marine Technics we have several exchange part programs.

For example the exhaust valve cages for the Deutz 645 / MWM 510 series.

When a batch returns in our workshop, they will be dismantled, cleaned and inspected.

The valves and valve seats are machined with our Hunger precision equipment. If machining of the seats is not possible anymore, we have the seats replaced by a high specialist procedure.

Before the next dispatch, several outgoing checks are made, to assure our customers of the highest quality possible .

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Breakdown auxiliary engine MWM TD226-6

Recently we were called by a Norwegian shipowner concerning a breakdown of one of the auxiliary engines Type MWM  TD226-6.
After initial inspection, we found that one liner was cracked. In order to save time, it was decided to not remove the engine from its foundation, in order to replace it. However, with a very limited working space of accessing the crankcase, we succeeded to bring the engine back in reliable operation with a minimal delay for the ship owner.

MaK 6M20 – River Cruise (28 March 2022)

Recently we were involved with the maintenance works of 2x MaK 6M20 engines onboard a River cruise vessel.

After completion we successfully executed load trials.

Bergen B36:45 – Greenhouse (1 April 2022)

Together with a team of makers, we successfully replaced all big-end bearings on a 5.200 kW , 9 cylinder Gas engine in Belgium for an CHP installation.